Cargill Vegetable-based Oils & Waxes

We offer a broad range of naturally-sourced, renewable vegetable-based oils & waxes.

Vegetable Oils

Across a wide array of industries, companies are looking for better ways to formulate their products in order to improve performance while gaining overall cost efficiencies. Cargill provides naturally-sourced, renewable vegetable oils that manufacturers need to formulate products that are environmentally friendly and appeal to today’s eco-conscious consumer.

Bioleic offers Cargill’s extensive portfolio of vegetable oils ranging from high oleic vegetable oils and Ester low VOC solutions to polymerized & reactive modified vegetable oils. We work closely with you to find a customized solution to meet the toughest of industrial applications – all in a responsible, sustainable manner.

NatureWax® Vegetable-based Candle Waxes

Cargill is the leader in providing high performance vegetable-based wax solutions for the candle making industry while leaning on sustainable, renewable resources. NatureWax® vegetable-based wax products and blends are used by premium candle makers across North America. Cargill has been pioneering the use of vegetable-based waxes for candles since 2001.

With a team of technical experts, Bioleic works closely with with our customers to create tailored solutions to meet your specific application needs. We offer a broad portfolio of offerings from container & pillar blends, base waxes to additives that increase oily/creamy texture, stability, and fragrance loading.